Gift Guide 2021

The gifting season is here! Here is a guide for our top gift options for the year:

Monstera Grow Kit

1) Gift Card

Gift cards are a great option if you're not sure what to get!

2) Kits & Collections:

What better way to gift to a plant enthusiast or someone just starting out 

houseplant seed kits & collections:

Popular items:
For beginners:

herb, veggie & flower kits & collections:

Popular items:

3) Subscription Box:

For any beginners or just any gardening hobbyist, the Back to our roots Seed subscription box is a great way to start exciting new gardening projects every month, including sprouts, houseplant seeds, succulent seeds, indoor blooms, and more!

We have it organized from our easiest seeds to the most difficult, with detailed care guides in each box covering various seed starter tips. 


4) Houseplant Seeds & Bulbs: 

 The thing we're known best for is our collection of exotic houseplant seeds & bulbs, each of which comes with detailed care sheets and planting guides, both in the orders and online!

There's so much variety to choose from, so so make sure to use the filters we have when you search, which allow you to select for beginner-intermediate-advanced seeds, as well as pet-friendly varieties and more! That way you can narrow down any possible options you have in mind, whether you're shopping for yourself or for a friend :) 

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5) Indoor Window Herb & Flower Garden Seeds:

Basil Seeds

Indoor Gardening is the star of the show when it comes to Fall & Winter gardening! This is a perfect time to start a window garden or grow light garden with herbs, flowers, and even some veggies!

We recommend most herbs, especially the non-flowering varieties(like Basil, Thyme, and Oregano) and leafy greens for most window gardens since they're more tolerant of low-light conditions, some flowers like Violas thrive in low-light conditions and especially through the colder months, making them perfect gifts for the holiday season! 

Window Garden

6) Fall/Winter Outdoor Garden Seeds

Outdoor gardening is still totally an option for many of us! If you live in a place with milder winters, there are plenty of cold-hardy veggies and herbs that even prefer a little frost. This namely includes leafy greens, brassicas and some root veggies(we cover a solid list of options in this post here). 

Shop herb seeds here!

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Shop seasonal seeds here!

7) Sprouts & Microgreens!  

Sprouts & Microgreens, easy, fast and healthy- the perfect option for the friend who maybe isn't the most avid gardener but loves to keep healthy!

Sprouts and Microgreens are so easy and quick to grow, not requiring a huge amount of light or space, and they're ready to harvest within a week or two! We have subscription options available for all of our sprouts, where you can purchase the seed at your desired frequency and discounts depending on the frequency.

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8) For Pets and Pet-friendly options!

We have options for pets, too! For houseplant enthusiasts with pets looking

for houseplant options that are non-toxic to pets, we have our Pet-Friendly Houseplant Seed Collection.

On top of that, we have the pet-friendly filter available that indicate which plants are pet-friendly. 

However, if you'd like to spoil your pet with a little garden of their own, we have a Petgrass Kit and a Catnip Kit so you can grow your own Catnip plants, and your own Petgrass plants. (Naturally Catnip is for cats, however the Petgrass is an Organic Wheatgrass that is good for both cats and dogs! As you can see below, Rocko is thoroughly interested in the Petgrass)