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what fellow hobbyists say

I started these seeds three years ago and my plant is happy, healthy, and growing fast! This pot has two plants in it and the biggest leaf is over 9” long. It takes patience to grow from seed but it’s been worth the wait. Highly recommend!

Sarah Anderson

Nearly every seed has germinated. I still have many of them for that reason. People really seem to love this plant, myself included!

Nicholas Wilson

It always seems so satisfying to grow your own plants from seed. I love the packaging they come in and the info cards that come with each specimen. Got a handful of seeds that germinated in about 2 weeks or less, will write a review with pics on those soon. Nice little seed company, guys!

Robert Vidican

I got my first sprouts today and am so excited!! It’s been so fun getting these started. The little planting guide that comes with it is beyond the best I’ve seen in seed packets. Can’t wait for to watch them grow.

Alice Vaught

I planted mine at work (children's area of library) and had a really slow start. I moved them to a sunnier part of the building and they immediately began to spring up like crazy! Out of 11 seeds I managed to get 9 to sprout. So excited to see them grow!

Adeisa C.

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    maia: the plant trimmer

    Little Maia is our tabby cat. She plays the very important role of eating any plants we leave out by accident, and keeps us on our toes. She loves to make cameos in our videos, get belly scratches for sitting on our laptops, and is emotional support for our Plant Security(Rocko).

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    alina & jeff smith: owners

    We run everything else, from packing the seeds to designing packaging and creating content, which seems a little unfair, but the other two keep insisting that they have no opposable thumbs and can't work(we don't buy it). Still, we can't believe we get to make a living off of seeds of all things, and have a blast with the business!

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    rocko: plant security

    Rocko is our nut of a Great Dane. He's >4 years old and still acts like a puppy, which on a 170lb frame can be a little harrowing, but works really well for his role as security for all of our plants(and us, I guess). He also makes sure we don't overwork ourselves by making us go on walks.

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