Work is stressful! A well-known way to relax is to garden, and boy do we know. So we’re now offering corporate programs for teams!

If you're interested, please email, here's a general breakdown to see if this might be for you and your team:

Option 1) Employee discounts: We do offer company-wide discount codes! If you feel your employees could be interested in some seeds or kits, we can create a custom company-wide discount code. 

Option 2) Team Gifts + Events:

If you are looking to give a fun and meaningful gift to your team to show your appreciation, and/or do a group planting event, this is a great option for you! We do offer a free workshop(in person if in San Diego, or over a zoom call) if you'd like one!

We are flexible with timing, and in most cases we can send out everything within a week. And yes, we can ship to multiple addresses or to one corporate location! Whatever works, though shipping and handling fees will vary.


The information we need from you is:

  • Approximate date you’d like the kits to be delivered, as well as when you’d like your workshop to be, if you’d like one.
  • How many employees?
  • Are we sending to an office or to multiple addresses? (If multiple addresses, then we would need all addresses as a csv)
  • Which seeds or kits you would like.


  • 15%: 15-49 employees
  • 20%: 50-100 employees
  • 25%: 100+ employees

Popular Kit options:

We're here to help pick out which kits or seeds work best for you, just to give you an idea, here are the most popular options we've worked with in the past.

Individual kits(1 variety of seed):

Larger kits(5 seed varieties):

  • Houseplant seed kits:

"Grow an Indoor Jungle" Beginner Seed Kit