After years of growing various houseplants from seed, we noticed each plant has it's own unique personality. So we created 10 plant characters based on our most popular plants, and a personality quiz to help you find your Planty match!

find your Planty match!

star of the show - easy going - funny

the lil monster

The lil Monster is the tall, quirky but cool friend that everyone knows and loves. They hav etheir own, unique style and are so easy-going that people just tend to gravitate toward them.

Want to go on a hike? Sure! Stay in and watch a movie? Totally! The Lil Monster is the chill and dependable friend that is happy to go along with whatever.

lil monster sticker

independent - outdoorsy - practical

the lil bean

Practical, somewhat classy, but never flashy, the Lil Bean loves being at home relaxing and reading as much as they love being outdoors being active.

The Lil Bean prefers to be alone and can take time to warm up to people, but once you do become a close friend, you become family!

lil bean sticker

social - energetic - classy goofball

the lil doll

The Lil Doll is that extroverted friend that is devoted to their community and are always booked for weeks ahead of time with all kinds of social events. The Lil Doll loves having visitors to relax and laugh with, and their door is always open, but they do enjoy an opportunity to dress up for events and be the life of the party.

Motivated, the Lil Doll likes to exercise and try new things, and encourage their friends to push boundaries and grow.

lil doll sticker

loyal - homebody - funny

the lil brella

The Lil Brella loves people, but is definitely an introvert! They take a long time to come out of their shell and really only is themselves around the closest small group of friends.

In groups, they're mysterious and quiet, but when they feel at home, they're absolutely hilarious and the most loyal friend. They prefer to spend their time at home, the Lil Brella is always there whenever you need them!

lil brella sticker

quick witted - easy going - classy

the lil fox

The quiet but social friend, the Lil Fox is seanky smart! They may not be the center of the party, but everyone stops to listen to what the Lil Fox says because they always have something quick and sharp-witted to say.

While they're usually a little overdressed, appearances deceive as they have a wicked sense of humor. The Lil Fox isn't particularly focused on exercising, but loves being outdoors and out in the sun and enjoys the finer things in life.

lil fox sticker

fun - insightful - active

the lil hope

Usually the tall friend, the Lil Hope can look like an extrovert the way they joke around with their friends, but don't be fooled, they can keep that up for a couple of hours before they crash and hole up at home to recharge for a few days.

Definitely the quiet class clown, the Lil Hope is always joking around and loves more than anything to see a smile on their friend's face. Devoted and insightful, the Lil Hope always has their friends' back, and won't hold back from telling the truth when asked.

lil hope sticker

empathetic - organized - energetic

the lil dot

The Lil Dot is a small ball of energy, loves having a large friend group and is always out and about hanging out with friends and introducing themselves to new people. The Lil Dot is definitely an extrovert as they seem to have endless supplies of vibrant energy, especially in social situations.

The Lil Dot doesn't do particularly well out in nature, but rather thrives in an urban landscape surrounded by people they love. This friend has everything organized and planned out, and are incredibly empathetic and observant about people.

lil dot sticker

quirky - reliable - relaxed

the lil tail

The Lil Tail does their own thing and is definitely the "quirky and chill friend". The Lil Tail likes being with friends, but deeply values alone time, they're fine going with the flow either way - whatever.

The Lil Tail is the type of friend that will disappear for a few weeks going down a rabbit hole on the internet(don't worry, they're fine) and ramble about the most random and interesting things. The Lil Tail is always happy to help...if you catch them when theyr'e awake.

lil tail sticker

optimistic - supportive - gregarious

the lil rainbow

The Lil Rainbow brings about good energy and inspiration wherever they go! They love color and definitely look at the world with a glass-half-full kind of perspective.

The Lil Rainbow is a social butterfly, a workout junky, and just a relaxed friend spreading good vibes. Rain or sun, you can reach out to this friend with a spontaneous suggestion and they're down to join on another adventure. Despite the flashy colors and social attitude, the Lil Rainbow is relaxed, a great listener, and a giver through and through.

lil rainbow sticker

humble - perfectionist - considerate

the lil fig

An extrovered introvert, the Lil Fig likes to approach things carefully. They appear classy and collected, but beneath that, they're very introspective and are always trying to work on themselves.

The Lil Fig is the most considerate and thoughtful friend, with their friends and family always coming first. While they like their alone time and have lots of hobbies of their own, nothing compares to time spent with loved ones.

lil fig sticker