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9 pack arrived safely with some extras

had some extras so I'm trying two growing always, packed and shipped well in nice packaging

quality thyme seeds

popped fast and look healthy

excellent quality and packaging

first two seeds popping after 2 weeks in 3" dome planters on heat mats

Fast growing

Planted two months ago and already moved into a larger pot!

Tricky, but successful.

These took some trial and error to germinate, but I've finally managed to produce success.

I germinated using the paper towel method, wetting with hydroponic nutrient solution, and it required I work in several stages:

- For week 1, I put the seeds in wet paper towels as-is—I did not scarify the seeds or remove the orange hairs at the tip.
- For week 2, I removed the orange hairs, which were basically falling off on their own at this point, and replaced the bag and paper towels with fresh ones.
- I left this as-is for multiple weeks, replacing paper towels and bags weekly. I had a white fuzz building up on the seeds that I would gently brush away with a soft-bristled toothbrush each week when I changed the paper towels.
- Once the seeds started to bulge, I would lightly file the tips (not enough to show white) and I had sprouts within a week.

This is the third batch I've tried and have 3 of 5 sprouting in this batch after a month and a week (March 3rd to April 13th). This is a major improvement over the previous batches that had 0% germination and one batch scarified from the beginning actually rotted hollow.

Note that seedling 2 was not scarified at all in this batch and had to break through the tip on its own. I'm not as confident in this one's survival as 4 and 5 which were both scarified and are healthy color all the way through.

Coconut fiber pod

So convenient. Love being able to get everything together.

Black Dragons

All dragon seeds germinated! Yippee!

Having so much fun!

Most of the seeds germinated early. All of the monstera started coming up very quickly!

So happy

It’s been 4 days since I started these under a grow light. They are growing so much.I’m so excited. Thanks to Plantflix.

So cute…

It’s been 10 days under my grow light and these babies have broken through the soil.

I love it.

These sprouted within 7 days under my grow light.

The germination rate was 10%

Only one out of 10 seeds germinated and I used heated blanket with temp monitor which kept the soil at 80 degrees, grow light and the green house set up and soil from plantflix :((

I'm still waiting on the results, rooting for a home run 💪🙌🪴

Great packaging

Wonderful packaging. Only planted 2 days ago so don't know germination yet.

Ponytail Seeds

Fast delivery and very happy with the product. I do recommend this product.

3 out of 5 seed packs did not germinate

I followed the directions but didn't get any sprouts from the Lithops, Lace Fern, or Ficus.

Out the 10 seeds, 6 sprouted! So excited to watch them grow

Received in good shape. It's hard to rate a product that has not been used.

Great packaging and planting instructions

Great packaging and planting instructions

Great packaging and planting instructions

Great packaging and planting instructions

Great packaging and planting instructions

Great packaging and planting instructions

Great packaging and planting instructions