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Great to grow from seed

I got these from seed, soaked them for 24 hours and planted them in August. Here they are at the start of October. 100% germination. I would highly recommend.

So fun, my plants are doing great after 1.5 months

This is so fun. Monsteras are one of my favorite plants because of house fast they grow, and the seeds grow just as fast! They all germinated within a few weeks, and after 1.5 months I repotted 4 of them into a 6 inch pot. Can't wait to follow their growth. Counting down the days to my first fenestrations!


I’ve had really good luck with all of the seeds I purchased, included this baby blue.

Another lovely plant

I planted five pods worth of seeds in July and all of the plants are absolutely thriving. I’ve already given one away as a gift.

Beautiful plant

I have a few more that are still sprouting, too. This photo was taken two months after planting the seeds.


The photo was taken about two months after the seeds were planted. It’s so weird, but in the cutest possible way! Loving this purchase.

Just Ok

I have a great propagator and all of the equipment for growing all kinds of things but only half germinated. Even with every trick I know only 5 opened and maybe 4 will actually grow. I was hoping for a slightly better outcome.


I can’t wait for a restock of the green onion. I neeeddd


I love this plant and the colors. I got white and pink


I got this and some seeds and the greenhouse is so cute and small. Great starter space for seedlings.

So cute!

I ordered a 12 well greenhouse and a couple seeds. I’m saving them for my boyfriends birthday, but the packaging is adorable and the seeds look great! Can’t wait for progress.

Love the Subscription Boxes

I started ordering these for my daughter and I because we love houseplants and we love watching things grow from seed. We have had so much fun with this. The directions are clear and all items needed are included in the kit. We have had success with every kit so far. It's been fun to watch them grow and very rewarding to be able to share plants with friends and family. Don't hesitate to subscribe, it's worth it. Also the customer service is top notch. I had some questions about seeds I had ordered separately from the subscription boxes and I received quick and detailed responses. I'm so glad to have found this company.

Amazing seeds/ plant

I LOVE this plant. Getting then to grow has been so easy. It just needed a bit of time to become really full

So worth it!

Buying from this shop never fails me! Can’t wait to order more!

Grow a Polka Dot Seed Kit
Jessica Herrador
So fun!!

This kit couldn’t be any easier! I’m a beginner when it comes to planting seeds and this was the perfect thing to get me started! I’m a first time customer and I’m already placing another order!

Forever customer here! Every seed sprouts and it's fun to grow and share

Ficus altissima

1 week for germination. Planted 11 out of 20 in tropical potting mix, with heat mat a few hrs a day & a light mist twice a day. Their sitting in my east facing window all morning then under grow lights the rest of the day 🥰. I got my philodendron hope 15/20 seeds to sprout & bird of paradise but the none of the draceana draco or umbrella plant seeds wouldn't take trying to germinate with different methods... it was a bummer & not being new to this I have to believe it was the seeds purchased on etsy from plantfix because the ones I purchased looked nothing like any in the videos or the net!
The reason for my 3 star review...

Growing Strong

I planted the Fire Flash Seeds 7/14/23 and look at them grow. Looking good.

Growing Strong

I planted my china doll seeds on July 12 2023 and they are looking good.

I'm so hyped

I'm impatient and nearly gave up on this seed. While removing some soil from the top, I saw it sprouting and freaked out. 2 weeks later and look how big she got! I can't wait to see how huge it'll get in a year.

100% germination rate, healthy seedlings

All the sunflower seeds I planted (split between paper towel method and greenhouse methods) germinated within TWO days of planting (what is this sorcery?!), and all are still healthy seedlings growing rapidly!

They’re doing so good.

Planted these back in December and it’s my first time growing a plant by seeds and i’m also a beginner but they’re doing so good and i can’t wait for them to grow they’re split leaves.

Baby monsters!

Love having little monstea plants around. In the success I have had, they are growing well, learning from their elders. A must have for plant parents.

With a heatmat and a humidity dome, got good germination. Here's one individual that is especially big! Also in the corner are fireflash seedlings from here, also fantastic!

Looking Great

I planted the 10 seeds on 6/3/23 the day I received them in the mail. I planted them in sphagnum moss, under grow lights and “tented” in a plastic bag. The pictures posted are from today 7/12/23. As you can see some are bigger than others. One seed has yet to sprout but still looks viable and another one has roots and a little green coming out. I am amazed by the growth. I look forward to planting the rest of the seed I bought. I highly recommend the monstera deliciosa seeds.