How to Grow Schefflera Plants(Umbrella Plants) From Seed

How to Grow Schefflera Plants(Umbrella Plants) From Seed


Schefflera Arboricola

Schefflera plants are yet another variety of underrated houseplants. Perhaps you’ve seen these quaint Umbrella plants around and thought about possibly adding them to your collection. I’m here to encourage you to do so! These plants are not only beautiful(and adorable), but they’re luckily also easy to care for.

You can find variegated varieties of Schefflera, but they naturally have dark and glossy foliage that grows in an umbrella-like pattern. These tropical plants are native to Taiwan. You can find a larger variety that can grow up to 15ft tall, and also the dwarf variety.

Schefflera Arboricola seedlings

You can propagate Schefflera plants, but if you can’t get your hands on a cutting, you can luckily also grow them from seed!

How to Grow Schefflera from Seed:

Schefflera seeds can be a little tricky to germinate. It’s better for the seeds to be fresh to keep a high germination rate, however, if you pre-soak the seeds in hot water for 12hrs before planting, you can boost the germination rate up to 97%.

When planting Schefflera plants, you can use regular, well-draining potting mix. Plant them ~1in deep in moist soil and keep them warm(75-85F) and out of direct sunlight.

A great setup for these seeds would be a 3-4” nursery pot with 1-3 seeds per pot. Cover the planter in a ziploc bag to maintain humidity and place in a warm and bright spot, like a windowsill, or a grow light. Once the seedlings start to sprout, and especially when the adult leaves start showing up(those are the second sets of leaves), you can remove the ziploc bag.

Dwarf Umbrella Plant Seeds and Seedling

Caring for a Schefflera plant:

Schefflera plant care is pretty straightforward and nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to houseplant care. Umbrella plants like bright and indirect light. If you’re noticing your plant is starting to grow too lanky, it may not be getting enough light.

In terms of watering, make sure to let the soil dry out between waterings. If you’re noticing that the leaves are yellowing and falling, you may be overwatering your Schefflera.

Other tips for keeping your Umbrella plant happy include trimming new growth occasionally to make sure it grows lush instead of long and leggy. They can also benefit from some fertilizing on an annual basis during the growing season.

That’s it! Hopefully that inspires you to start on your journey of growing your own Schefflera plants from seed. If so, you can find the seeds for the dwarf variety here. And remember, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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Eng ...Saed al shakatrah
Eng ...Saed al shakatrah

Good evening please dear
When propagated schefflera gold capella by seeds the plant grow is green

Rachael Lynch
Rachael Lynch

Please explain how to prune these plants to ensure they grow thick and lush

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