Lil Planty Pals

Meet our lil Planty Pals! Growing these houseplants from seed, you start to feel each individual plant has it's own little personality and way of doing things. So we picked 10 of our most iconic seeds, and created characters based on the plants' "personality". 

You can find your Planty Pal match by taking this quiz here.

Meet the crew:


Lil Doll is what you would call a classy goofball. They can take a little time to come out of her shell but loves having people around and is always out and about, sun or rain.

-Medium difficulty to germinate

- relatively low-maintenance but is susceptible to pests

- needs good light and water 

 The Lil Monster is the cool, easy-going friend that puts a smile on your face. Being around friends and family is great, but this little dude appreciates quality time alone just as much. 

The Lil Hope is introverted but a devoted friend. It takes time for them to warm up to you, but it's worth the time! They're insightful, loyal, and get you every once in a while with that joke that makes you cry from laughter.

The Lil Fox is the one-of-a-kind worldly adventurer and wanderer. They like company, but they thrive on their own and just love being outside and are the type of person that if you see once, would recognize easily again from a distance.

Social, bright and active- that's the Lil Dot! The Lil Dot may seem a little scatterbrained but careful, they're sharp and know people! The Lil Dot likes some time alone but cannot survive without seeing friends and family regularly. 

The Lil Brella definitely has a unique look, who knows what's going on in that head? Introverted and a little quiet, this little dude is easy going but has a spontaneous and fun side. Silly but sneaky smart, you'll never be bored around the Lil Brella! 

 The Lil Fig is that friend that you just want to be. Classy, calm and collected, The Lil Fig doesn't warm up too slow or too quick to anyone and approaches things with logic. 

The Lil Rainbow is quite the social butterfly, always out with friends and dressing to impress with with the flashiest colors! Despite the social nature and bright colors, the Lil Rainbow is pretty relaxed and can be found just enjoying a nice book quite often . 

The Lil Bean is about as introverted as you can get, and prefers chilling indoors watching tv or reading a book to being out with people. That being said if you're looking for a relaxed friend to go and enjoy a day out in nature, the Lil Bean is your pal!

The Lil Tail has it's own thing going on, likes to relax and isn't easily phased. Sometimes, the Lil Tail just kind of "disappears", but chances are can be found snoozing out in the sun. Wicked smart, quirky, and chill as can be, the Lil Tail is the kind of friend that makes you ask "oh hey, where on earth have you been for the last 3 months?", but if you ever reach out for help, they're right there. 


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