Plantflix Seedling Squad

Meet our seedling characters! This is a fun little project we did just because why not, it helped remove some of the stress in a creative way from trying to grow our small family biz :)

Here's the link to the quiz 

Each seed/seedling has such distinct characteristics that we decided to make them into little characters of their own and made stickers! You can stick 'em wherever basically- laptops, water bottles, or better yet, planters!!

Meet the crew:


the lil doll something between an introvert and an extrovert, but it needs its people and isn't right without its friends and family!

the lil doll is tall, little bit quirky but still classy and is a pretty active little dude, loving some sun and water! 

-Medium difficulty to germinate

- relatively low-maintenance but is susceptible to pests

- needs good light and water 

- intro/extro

- kinda need your people

- tall

- classy and beloved

- decently active

- like sun but don't overdo it! 

- love water

- introvert

- kinda need your ppl

- tall

- quirky classy

- not super active

- like some sun but don't overdo

- love water

- intro/extro

- super chill and easy-going

- got your own quirky style but it works

- average height

- very active

- love some sun and some water

- extrovert

- kinda need your people

- small, but colorful and vibrant

- very active

- like some sun and water, but in moderation

- introvert

- easy going

- average height

- quirky

- slow to start, but once you get going, you go!

- love water and rain, sun you're ok with

- intro/extro

- kinda need people

- tall

- very iconic and classy

- somewhat active

- love some water, tolerate the sun but need light

- extrovert

- easygoing

- small

- super vibrant and bold

- very active, you're in 10 places at once

- love some sun, love some water

- HARD introvert, but you need your close ones to be ok

- average height

- casual

- couch potato

- love some sun and water

- extrovert

- chill on your own

- average-tall

- got your own thing going on, very quirky but it works

- couch potato

- love love love the sun, dry out without decent wate