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Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax 'Bridal Creeper' Seeds

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1 brown packet of 20 Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax 'Bridal Creeper' Seeds (care guide included)

Asparagus Asparagoides 'Smilax'

As a variety of asparagus fern, bridal creeper germinate with relative ease, and grow quickly into beautiful lush plants that thrive indoors and outdoors. With these beginner-friendly seeds, you can cultivate beautiful, fast-growing, trailing plants right in your own home.

Warning! Bridal creeper should only be planted in containers, they grow so quickly outdoors that they are considered invasive in some areas, and for that reason are best kept indoors or closely monitored in containers outdoors.

About the seeds:


beginner | intermediate | advanced

germination time

21-28 days




2-4 seeds per 3" nursery pot

recommended planter

2"-4" nursery pot to start (no terra cotta)

time to maturity

~6 months

seed prep

pre-soak | scarification | stratification | none


greenhouse | paper towel method


70F - 85F

About the Plants:


fast-growing, lush, trailing plant


beginner | intermediate | advanced

growth speed

slow | medium | fast

size of plant



full sun | partial sun | shade | grow lights 


well-draining coconut coir/peat-based potting mix


warm | cool


cats | dogs | no


spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs


heavy | moderate | light


Asparagus ferns are easy plants to start from seed and to keep! Bridal Creeper in particular is very fast-growing, and for that reason it's recommended not to grow outside in the ground because it's considered an invasive species.

(Find more info on germinating seeds by going to our seed guide)

These seeds are for the 2024 growing season.

Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax &
Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax &
Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax &
Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax &
Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax &
Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax &
Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax &

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nikki Finnestead
Beautiful plant

I have a few more that are still sprouting, too. This photo was taken two months after planting the seeds.

Great packaging and instructions! My plant...

Great packaging and instructions! My plant has grown so fast and healthy!

Abiola Wuckert
Fast shipping. Quality seeds. I am enjoyin...

Fast shipping. Quality seeds. I am enjoying watching them grow.

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how difficult are these seeds to grow?

Houseplant seeds are generally trickier to grow than your more common garden seed varieties- they require a specific setup and more time to sprout. You can find the difficulty for each seed variety specified under the "about the seeds" tab on each product page.

We definitely recommend following the setups outlined in our seed guide here, and you can find further details in our blog!

how long does it take for the seeds to germinate?

Houseplant seeds take longer than most seeds to germinate, the average time for germination is 2-3 weeks. If you're curious about the sprouting time for a specific seed variety, you can find that information in the "about the seeds" tab on each product page.

how do I grow houseplant seeds?

All of our orders come with a basic starter guide for you to follow, but our seed guide here goes in much more detail and also offers alternative seed starter methods.

We also include additional planting tips specific to each seed variety under the "instructions" tab of each product page. If you need extra help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at!

my seeds aren't germinating, what do I do?

Houseplant seeds are tricky, and sometimes certain more difficult varieties can take some practice to finally get them to sprout!

If you're having trouble with the seeds, you're not alone. Luckily there are ways to sometimes salvage seeds by adjusting the setup- this quiz can help diagnose any issues you may have with your setup and make suggestions for how to improve it.

You can also email us at and we can help out! If the seeds still aren't germinating, we'll send out a replacement :)