Prepping your Indoor Garden for Fall & Winter (YouTube video!)

Prepping your Indoor Garden for Fall & Winter (YouTube video!)

We have a new YouTube video out, it's our first video from home and in it we cover 3 different indoor gardening setups that can be used for various stages of growth for your plants! Click the link below to watch:

I mentioned this in the video, but this is meant more for inspiration than a step-by-step process! I'm not amazing at crafts, I think creating is a ton of fun but I don't have the biggest budget so these 3 are bare minimum setups that don't cost a lot and can definitely be improved upon, so have fun with creating your own twists to these :) Enjoy!

Method 1: Hanging Window Box (timestamp 4:38)

Method 2: Hanging Planter(timestamp 8:08)

Method 3: Plant Shelf(timestamp 10:57)

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