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8 SpoOoky Houseplants to Grow from Seed in October 🎃


Happy October! As we’re decorating for fall and Halloween, some houseplants in our collection have been sticking out in our indoor garden and working perfectly with the theme. So for you fellow-gardeners looking for spooky plants to grow and add to your indoor jungle, here’s our little list of Halloween-y indoor plants! 

1. Fire Flash Plant

An obvious first, Chlorophytum Amaniense or the Fire Flash plant has bright orange leaf stems, which is a great way to mix in some fall colors with your indoor greenery 🧡 

Fire Flash Plant

Be warned, however, it’s super fun to grow these little guys from seed, but seeing as they are tropical varieties, they take some time to develop and the orange coloration only starts to really show around month 6!


Read more about growing Fire Flash Plants from Seed here! 

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2. Coleus

 We have two varieties of Coleus available in our shop: Black Dragon Coleus and Rainbow Coleus.

While Black Dragon Coleus is the obvious contender for fall-themed plants, Rainbow Coleus can add a nice splash of color indoors during the cooler months that goes well for both fall and winter!

While Coleus might look like a fancy, high maintenance plant, they're surprisingly easy to germinate and sprout quickly. Not only that, but the plants are very fast-growing and easy to care for, making them the perfect beginner plant, not just for gardeners just starting out growing houseplants from seed, but also just for beginner plant hobbyists.


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3. Dracaena Spike

Dracaena Indivisa, aka Cordylina Indivisa, aka Dracaena Spike is a small tree-like plant,producing clumps of spiky leaves on long stems.

Dracaena Spike Seeds

They’re difficult to germinate, needing specific conditions to germinate, as well as lots of time(1-3 months) to finally sprout. Once the seedlings get going however, they grow into relatively low-maintenance as adults and look lovely in a home garden and can even be planted outdoors in temperate climates!

The “spiky” and needle-like leaves🗡️ are the reason this variety is on this list, and while it’s a lovely and elegant plant, it can definitely fits the Halloween theme! 


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4. Dracaena Draco

Another Dracaena variety, the common name for the Dracaena Draco is a Dragon Tree, which makes it a perfect fit for this list!
Dracaena Draco
Being a dracaena like the dracaena spike, it has a similar growth pattern, with long stems producing clumps of spiky leaves, the main difference is the Draco grows much taller, has a very thick trunk, and has much wider leaves. This variety does require more sun, so make sure you give this little dragon enough light!

5. Baby Toes

Baby Toes

Baby toes is the common name for Fenestraria plants, and the reason they have this name is their odd finger or toe-like leaves with translucent tops. They’re definitely eye-catching and unique and a perfect spooky addition to your plant collection. 

These are a succulent plant variety with teeny tiny seeds, so you definitely need to be careful planting them and provide enough light one the seeds do germinate. 🧡


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6. Foxtail Fern

Foxtail ferns are a variety of asparagus ferns, and are actually not ferns at all, but are rather related to Asparagus, which becomes apparent when you see how they produce new leaves.
These are a low-maintenance plant variety, which is great considering how unique they look! Foxtail ferns have spiky little leaves that grow in foxtail-like shapes, which also looks somewhat like tentacles growing out of soil, earning it a spot on this list! 🎃


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7. Basket Asparagus

basket asparagus
Basket Asparagus are very similar to foxtail ferns, except their growth looks a lot fluffier, in a sense and don’t form the compact foxtail-like shape as the Asparagus Meyerii does.
The little leaves very needle-like and larger than with the foxtail fern, though while they look intimidating, they're not particularly needle-like to the touch(luckily!).
Asparagus ferns are beginner-intermediate houseplant seeds when it comes to germination difficulty, meaning they're relatively forgiving with their setup requirements but they do take some time to sprout!

8. Monstera Deliciosa

Finally, to conclude this list we have the Monstera Deliciosa. It’s not particularly spooky-looking, but the name is, and really, everyone should have a little delicious Monster in their home garden 🙃

 Monstera Deliciosa are decently easy to germinate, the tricky part with these seeds is actually just keeping them fresh! If you're not planting them right away(which is definitely recommended), you'll want to store them in a fridge, in a baggie with sphagnum moss or vermiculite so they're not kept too dry or too moist.

That being said, these are a ton of fun to watch grow from little seeds! The first fenestrations come in at about 6 months - 1 year, which is a bit of a wait but makes them so much more rewarding in the end! 

Read more on growing Monstera Deliciosa from Seed here!

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That concludes our list! What are your favorite "spoooky" indoor plants? And if you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out these ones, too!

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