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Plant Spotlight: The China Doll Plant - Plantflix

Plant Spotlight: The China Doll Plant

China Doll Plant

Does this plant look familiar? No? Well if you read my post about the Fire Flash plant, this is another extremely underrated houseplant, and it’s called Radermachera Sinica, or the China Doll Plant.

They are beautiful, lush houseplants and can make a great addition to any household. There’s something about this plant that looks so happy and fresh and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites <3

The name gives it away, it’s origins are in China and the Philippines. In their natural home these plants, or rather trees, can grow up to 90ft tall! Now if you don’t happen to have a 90ft house, no worries, this plant was bred to grow smaller and thrive indoors. You can still have a nicely sized tree if you’d like, but as long as you keep them root bound and trim the foliage, you’ll have a small but lush houseplant :)


Radermachera sinica seeldings

These plants aren’t super different than a lot of houseplant varieites in terms of their care, they like light and humidity. As with most houseplants, you’ll want to keep them away from direct sunlight, so an east or west facing window is ideal. Keep their humidity high, and keep them away from drafty areas of your house. Watering them is similar to most other plants: when their soil feels dry to the touch, it’s time for some water. However, if you overwater or let them sit in water, they’ll get root rot. Quick note, they can shed their leaves a decent amount, and if you see any leaves dying off, just clip them down. In that regard, these plants need a little more pruning that a regular old Pothos or Philodendron.

If you’re wondering if these plants can be propagated, the answer is yes! It can take a while for cuttings to develop roots, but it’s doable, so give it a shot!

Radermachera Sinica "china doll plant" seeds and seedlings

Growing the China Doll Plant from Seed:

As in the case of the Fire Flash plant, finding the adult plants can be a little tricky. So if you really want to try these plants out for yourself and you can’t find any being sold at your local nursery, you have the option of growing them from seed(I have them on sale here)! The process is pretty simple: plant them relatively shallowly in soil, keep them moist, warm, and in a brightly lit spot and you should have some healthy sprouts within a month. If you want more detailed instructions on growing houseplants from seed, check out this article I wrote here.

Looking for legitimate China Doll Plant seeds? Look to the left :) If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to reach out! Dm me on instagram, click the chat box on the bottom right, send an email over to whatever you choose, I’m here to help!

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