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Plant Spotlight: The Fire Flash Plant

Fire Flash Plant

Anyone who follows me on Instagram should know by now that Syngoniums are my favorite houseplants. Unfortunately, as of yet I don’t have seeds for those(one day…) but one of the plants that comes in at a close second is Chlorophytum Amaniense or the ‘Fire Flash’ Plant. Can you tell why it’s called that looking at the photo above? ;)

Fire Flash Plant seedling

For whatever reason, this Chlorophytum is just not well known in the houseplant hobby, and I cannot for the life of me understand why! So a little more about these guys: they’re native to East Africa, get to about 45-60cm tall. It’s a cousin of the popular Spider Plant(Chlorophytum Comosum) and like the Spider Plant, it’s easy to take care of and is a pretty quick grower. They don’t need a ton of light or humidity or anything, they can even be grown as an outdoor plant if you’re in a more temperate climate. On top of that, it’s just gorgeous (way more so than the spider plant imo)- I mean, just look at those bright orange stems and big, lush green leaves! It’s a little sad how overlooked these plants are, but there’s an element of fun about finding gorgeous plants that no one else has or knows about :) For that very reason you can find the ‘Fire Flash’ Plant in my “Your Neighbor Doesn’t Have These” seed collection, which is all about celebrating the very much underrated plants out there in the hobby!

So let’s say you want to get your hands on the ‘Fire Flash’ plant, but can’t seem to find it anywhere…what can you do? Get the seeds! They’re relatively inexpensive (I sell a pack of 20 seeds for $5.20).

Fire Flash Plant Seeds

Growing them from seed? Good news, they’re pretty hardy. Don’t expect a 100% germination rate because that’s just unrealistic for any seeds. However, the seedlings are quite easy to care for. Sow them in soil, keep them moist, give them light and keep them in a relatively warm environment. They’ll get their orange coloration about 6 months or so in. They’re less fussy than other plants like Monsteras about their humidity, so even if you don’t have them in a particularly humid environment they should be fine :) If you want to learn more about how to grow houseplants from seed, I happen to have a post just on that right here.

That’s it, hopefully you learned something about these special little plants and are inspired to try them out in your own collection!

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