10 Dramatic Houseplant Seedling Transformations

10 Dramatic Houseplant Seedling Transformations

Growing houseplants from seed is all about the journey! Watching little seeds sprout and grow into beautiful houseplants can be challenging, but it's an extremely rewarding experience. Each seed is different, with some being trickier and taking longer to germinate, which means each seed you grow provides a unique experience of its own. In fact, some seedlings look so different from adult plants, you might even wonder if you got the right seed!

We thought we'd celebrate these unique journeys of different plant varieties by comparing the seedlings and the full grown plants:   

1) Black Dragon Coleus


2) Fatsia Japonica aka "Japanese Aralia"

3) Strelitzia Nicolai aka the "White Bird of Paradise"

4)Coffea Arabica aka the "Coffee Plant"

5)Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax aka the "Bridal Creeper"

6)Philodendron Selloum aka Philodendron Hope or the "Split Leaf Philodendron"

7)Ficus Altissima aka the "Lofty Fig"

8)Monstera Deliciosa aka the "Swiss Cheese Plant"

9) Wizard Coleus

10)Radermachera Sinica aka the "China Doll Plant"

Which was your favorite transformation? Let us know!

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